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Privacy Policy

Below section shows the Data Types that are collected, shared, and handling, and the purpose of such data:

[A] Personal Info.

Email address: to login into the app, we are only requiring Gmail ID, so all users are required to login the app using Gmail address.

Email address data that is collected is not processed ephemerally. The reason being that this Gmail address in used to identify as an existing app user.

This data is required for login as part of app functionality/app login and account management/account is identified as unique using this Gmail address.

Email address is shared with Razorpay for app functionality/using Razorpay’s payment gateway service. This third-party entity is well secured enterprise and service.

Phone number: Local Indian mobile phone number is required by the app to load money into the app using Razorpay X payment gateway. Razorpay only requires mobile number and email address to transfer money/ deposit money into the app from their bank account, or load money using credit/debit cards, and other supported means by Razorpay.

Phone number data is not collected by app.

Mobile number is shared with Razorpay (3rd party entity) for accessing payment gateway service for payment processing, and this third-party entity is well secured enterprise and service. Razorpay login is only required at the time when user wants to deposit money into the app. Till then, there is no requirement to reveal mobile number. Razorpay and other such payment gateway apps in the market require mobile numbers to identify the user and user’s bank account.

[B] Financial Info.

Purchase History: we keep records of money deposited, invested, earned by the user as part of participation in the app.

Purchase history data that is collected is processed ephemerally.

This data is required as this is used for (only) user analytics purposes to identify what is the user’s behavior on this app. This analytics helps to identify those users who are not participating responsibility.

User ID is not shared with any 3rd party entities.

[C] App Info. and Performance

Crash logs, diagnostics, and other app performance data is captured by the app for improving the app stability and security, user experience, and efficiency and performance.

This data that is collected is processed ephemerally.

This data is required for improving app stability, performance, confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

This operational data is not shared with any 3rd party entities.

[D] Files and Docs.

After using Gmail ID to login into the app, immediately a popup screen comes up where user must upload recognized identity proofs in pdf format such as pan card, Aadhaar card, passport etc.

Every of the collected identification documents are processed ephemerally.

The identity documents are required because we are using these documents to validate the identify the users and considered as part of account management. Once the users are validated then we allow to participate in app.

These documents are not shared with any 3rd party entities.


About Data deletion request support for users:

We allow users to request data deletion from users, however this is possible if we delete the user account from the app database. This request is allowed for the users from the support window of the app.


About Data Encryption: Our app uses secure data transfer protocol i.e., SSL 3.0 and the data at rest are encrypted in the Google Firebase database


About our app being Outside Play’s family program: We support users 18 and above