Play Novelty Games and Win Cash Prizes

Game of Skill

6en6 Gaming is completely 100% Game of Skill.

6en6 Gaming is protected under article 19 (1) (g) of the constitution as per regular business activities. Supreme court has upheld Fantasy Sports app in September 2022 as legal.  In Fantasy Sports gaming, there is still a chance irrespective of whether the participants put their skills – knowledge of the particular sports – or not.

However, there is very miniscule probability left to chance for winning or not winning. In 6EN6 Gaming app,

  • Users participate in their Novelty category that they have knowledge in i.e. movies, music, cricket, food, cars, gaming, travel, politics, marketing, etc.
  • You select the option and even give justifications for your chosen option which again gives us a good picture that the user is knowledgeable of the category market
  • The, user gathers followers for their opinions which again means that there is a section of the society who supports that opinion
  • Basis the weight of the opinion – both in terms of users’ command/knowledge and public opinion/followers – winners are decided and given real money cash prizes