Play Novelty Games and Win Cash Prizes


6en6 Gaming is a Novelty Gaming where every user is having a Novelty Category of his choice to participate including Sports and Non-Sports buffs and to showcase their chutzpah, vigor, and knowledge (especially of the particular  category i.e. movies, music, sports, TV, food, entertainment, politics, cars and bikes, cricket and IPL2023, etc.).

There are 2 tracks of play – Create Challenge and secondly, Participate in Challenges. Both tracks lead to winning Real Cash Prizes.

Create Challenge – One has to pay a fixed amount of money to create a challenge. If there are less than 2 participants, then money is refunded back to the challenge creator and participant. If there are >=2 participants then challenge creator always wins Real Cash Prize

Participate in Challenges – Any user can participate in any ongoing challenges, user has to choose one option and provide justification. Then, user should gather more followers for this participation. More the merrier and more the winning prize amount to the winner.

There are different games types – small – super types – each having fixed amount of money that participants should invest to participate.

All money invested/deposited into the app profile account of the user is seen in the deposited section. Users’ real cash winning prize will be seen in earning section and that can be withdrawn.


Once the challenges are created, users can compete with other users online through the 6en6 app. Depending upon their performance in the real match, in the end, user with the maximum followers wins is designated as the gold medalist and followed by other medals up to 50% of the participant count are eligible to win real cash prizes. Only a definite number of players are allowed to participate based on game type. The participation fee for a certain league is the same for all the users.