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Don’t know what to search for? We offer you a bundle of options to choose from they include,

  • Entertainment (television, movies, music, news, modeling, etc)—> Hop on the adventure of figuring out the trendiest gossip of Hollywood, Bollywood what pops in the life of luxury stars and how they must be living their dream life, bet on their choices, new movie blockbusters and much more!
  • Gaming—> Dig in the adventure of Minecraft, Pubg! Be on the battlefield fighting the warriors and take your opinions into account too now!
  • Animation—> Big Manga fan? Crushing over Zero Kiryu, so why not bet on his life and win money too!
  • Food/Hotel—> Tried the juiciest burger of the city? or Craving a Big Mac, challenge another foodie and bet on the best food spots in your area!
  • Sports (cricket, football, kabaddi) —> Impressed by the amazing victories, and are the cricket matches setting your soul on fire? We are in the same boat, so why not put your cricket passion into a bet and get some reward!
  • Business —> Know about stocks? Market trends and the statistics of things? This one is for you.
  • Politics —> Always winning predictions on who people adore the most like a president or prime minister, invest in your political knowledge, and have a duel!
  • Education —> Bet on entrance exam policies like Neet, their acceptance rate, why not use your knowledge in the best of ways?
  • Healthcare—> The world is taken by a blow due to the rapid omicron cases, predict the covid cases, estimate the spikes and the new waves and see how accurate you are!
  • Travel —> Love the voyage of life? and want to see the world, challenge others in the world’s prettiest or most adventurous places, and have a chance to get hands-on some cash!
  • Wedding —> Bet on the best event management techniques, wedding ideas, and traditions. Invest in your opinion!
  • Retail —> Retail management can also be drawn into challenges and amazing options to bet on! take your chance!
  • Astrology—> We live under stars, if you have the knowledge and understanding of¬†horoscopy, invest right away!
  • Technology (Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, AI) —> These are the top advancing tech fields, you can earn big maybe be the next top-selling NFT and get some more by the best!
  • Rides (Tesla, cars, bikes, fantasy sports) —> Want to drive the fanciest car out there, groove on those wheels, and have studied all about your dream car, what are you waiting for! go choose an option!
  • Social Media (Twitter, YouTube, etc) —> Pretty sure Pewdiepie is going to be famous even after 10 years? or maybe Lilly Singh won’t be a superwoman, after all, take your best shot!
  • Miscellaneous (how to, style, people, blogs, trending, creators, women, Zomato) —> The world is full of options you can fit into or create your personalized question too! We believe in you!

Step on the ladder of the leaderboard and get to the top as you win challenges! The leagues are divided into these four awesome subcategories that decide the fate of things! They roll out the winning rules for you!

  • Small
  • Mid
  • Big
  • Super league

Feeling overjoyed by what we have for you! You will be even thrilled to know how we sort it all out, each category is divided!

Level 1- The Lucky Charm

Maybe you just have a way with things, this section encompasses people who have succeeded in the beginner’s luck, maybe your completely random guess made you win!

Level 2- The Geek

Are you a brainiac? How did you do it? Did you use Machine Learning or algorithms to layout out a planned solution, may be used numerical analysis? You sure have outsmarted us, if then you got this section!

Level 3 -Helping hand

Phoning a friend? or is it calling the internet for help? Maybe you are asking the experts in the field; maybe you have the skills that are needed to expertise those fields and understand them better, reach out and predict a future that you need. You got this.

Level 4- The Seeing of the Unknown

The ultimate level futurist, where you have the power to see and excel in fields that a normal human cannot. The power to thaw, to feel and observe nature and predict things that take you power, you can and you do use the understanding of nature like flying of birds make you see a pattern, the movement of winds gush you with information You see the unknown!

Level 5- The ultimate futurist

The human capabilities and powers are at an extreme, you see the dreams, and understand them. Are enlightened to the soul and aren’t you the one using all the power of the soul and spirits to guide you to the path of the future, a path that tells you right from wrong and in the highest degree of future prediction i.e the necroman.

Each level is composed of separate designates that explain where you fall based on your prediction powers. Designing of Designates The names of the designates are based on where you fall, each user at the start of the experience gets a name of gyroman. The journey is to become the necroman- the supreme, from there. We believe in you. How to promote to the next designate? That’s the real question now? How do you get to the top? The thing is winning the challenges,
  1. If you win the challenge and are ranked at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position. The chances of promotion to the next level are increased.
  2. 6 such wins (getting to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rank) promote you to the next level.
Money division
  1. The first winner- who knows it all wins 35% of the entire money pool
  2. The runner up- better luck next time to the top, you will get 25% of the entire pool money
  3. The third- Nice try right? Get 10% of the amount of the entire pool!
  4. Other winners- as many as 50% of the total participant count
P.S Every position holder will get the amount inclusive with the original betting amount that was used to place bet. Isn’t it that simple! Only 6 podium finish wins i.e., rank #1, #2 and # 3 elevates your level and you can win up to entire 35% of the pool of the money by getting #1 in any challenge!

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