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About Us

6en6 Gaming provides novelty games all throughout the year which makes them a great substitute for when great sporting events are not showing. Novelty gaming can also add to the excitement of many events which would otherwise have little-to-no interest to even regular viewers.

Our novelty games can be placed live (such as in the case of vote counting during general elections) as well as accessed on mobile, making it these games available at any time and any place.

Innovation in our DNA

Working with the latest in digital technologies including ChatGPT, we are presenting a platform in Novelty Games and we continue to invest heavily in ensuring that working with and using our products is always safe, rewarding and fun.

We’re leading the way in the CRM space as we make the customer journey more personal and engaging. Our marketers are renowned for their audacious stunts, award winning campaigns and for continuously pushing the boundaries of digital marketing as we look for ever more relevant and exciting ways to bring our brand to life.

Our Soul Statement

Vision – Get to #1 in the App Store in Novelty Games and Fantasy Sports

Mission – 10k+ hits per second knowing our app can stand up to the rigor!

Plan – Tech & Product teams constantly innovate and develop ways to make our products faster, more reliable, and more attractive to our customers at the front end, whilst ensuring that everything is kept running smoothly in the background.
Novelty Gaming and Fantasy Sports are continually evolving; we will

continue to strive harder to improve how we communicate with our customers.